“I have been going to Lefferts Animal Hospital for many years (with my parents when I was young and then as an adult with my own animals). The vets and techs, for the most part (these are humans afterall, so sometimes you just don’t mesh), have been great with all of my pets (7 cats and an iguana). I have had to deal with terminal illnesses, and the staff have been very helpful, very informative and most of all very sympathetic, even crying with me when one of my babies passed away. I also received sympathy cards. I have read some of the reviews stating that some clients were upset that they didn’t get to see the same vet for a recurring issue (here’s a hint, when you call for an appointment let the receptionist know who you want, so you can schedule an appointment with him/her), or that they felt if your pet isn’t a cat or dog you won’t get quality care (another tip; not all of the vets are ‘experts’ with exotics. So if you have a bird or a reptile, ask when you are scheduling an appointment which vet is most knowledgeable about your type of pet. Do not assume that since they are all DVMS that they specialize in all species. Remember pediatricians, gynecologists and oncologists are all MDs, but they all specialize in different areas within the medical spectrum, so schedule accordingly). The only ‘problem’ I have is the small waiting room, which can be an issue if you have a skiddish animal or small children / a carriage. I get around this (or try to at least) by scheduling appointments early in the morning during the week if possible. Overall I have been very pleased with the care my pets have received, but if I feel that something is being overlooked or if my pet isn’t doing well after a visit or treatment, etc, I ask for a second opinion from a different vet there or contact the vets back if we’re already home. Bottom line you know your pet better then anyone so you need to be a very active participant in there healthcare. Would definitely recommend them and have.”
‚Äč- Jennifer M

“Best vet ever, I love the service from the staff,the doctor and even the other owners. It made me feel great knowing that my baby was in good hands, I left there with no worries. I wish more people in the world would rescue god creatures they didn’t ask to be with us we chose them, even if we didn’t we still have a responsibility to make sure they’re okay and that’s what Lefferts Animal Hospitsl is all about.. Thanks guys….. From Dazey..”
– Amalah D

“All of the doctors that treated my poor dottie were and are wonderful. Dr. Matal, Dr. Hopsky, Dr. Halpern, Dr. Valdez& many more; including the loving and gentle and caring staff. From the receptionist to all of the folks @ Lefferts Animal Hosp: I felt that my unlucky greyhound was in good hands. I only hope that no other misfortune happens to her…She has so much bad luck in the health, and even in her past before I adopted her.”
– Alice J

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