3 Awesome (and Affordable) Gifts for Pet Lovers

The American Veterinary Medical Association reports that more than 48 million households in the United States have a dog. They also note that at least 31 million of us are sharing our homes with a cat (or two or three). So, there is a good chance that this holiday season you’ll be shopping for a pet lover on your list. Knowing what to get them and their pets can be tricky, not to mention more than a little expensive.

However, there are plenty of great options if you know where to look. Make sure you check online for Rakuten coupons for the stores you plan to shop at. You may end up saving a big chunk of your Christmas budget on awesome gifts for the pet lovers in your life. Here are three awesome and affordable gift ideas for the pet lovers on your holiday shopping list.

Personalized Pet Bowls

Giving your friend or family member a personalized pet bowl is a gift-giving homerun. That’s because you can really tailor the gift to suit their personality and style. Personalized pet bowls are widely available; you’ll find options on Amazon and Etsy, but it’s worth checking with local pet boutiques in your area as well. You’ll be able to pick the bowl style, color, and even the font to make it a special purchase for the pet lover in your life. The great thing about pet bowls is that every animal needs one, too. Even if your animal lover obsesses over their miniature pig, they’ll still find a personalized bowl a practical and much-appreciated gift.

Matching Dog and Owner Sweaters

This one might be best for the dog owners in your life, but don’t discount the finely dressed feline. Shop Dog Threads has a huge selection of flannel shirts, knit sweaters, and even Hawaiian-print tops in both canine and human sizes. Town and Country magazine offers some other options if you are looking to mix and match. Pet lovers are sure to love being able to match their pets, at least for their holiday photos. After that, they’ll have a great addition to their wardrobe and a way to keep their pets warm on a chilly day, even if they don’t opt to match each other again. It’s one of those gifts they are sure to remember and appreciate for years to come.

Framed Pet Photos

If you want a sure-fire crowd-pleaser for a family who loves their pets, go for the framed photo option. It’s one of the most inexpensive options, too. If you don’t have a photo of their pet, just scan their social media for one or two you can snag. Most pet lovers post more photos of their pets than anything else, so you should have plenty of options. Find the cutest one, then use a photo printing service like Snapfish or an app like LaLaLab to get your photos printed and mailed right to your door. Then you’ll need to pick up a cute frame to put it into. Look for pet-themed frames for added adorableness. This is a gift that pet lovers will cherish, especially since so many of us never get our favorite photos printed in the first place.

Making the holiday gift-giving season special for the pet lover on your list doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. A quick search online can help you uncover plenty of coupons as well as gift-giving ideas that they are sure to love. Remember that they love their pets dearly, so anything you give them that shows them you know and understand that fact will be a success. Put these three suggestions to work and make this a holiday season they’ll never forget!

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